How can I speak to a person for help

Same issue here. I just signed up yesterday, and I’m still waiting for my identity to be verified. So I cannot do anything. I want to order a card as I’m going to travel next week. Can someone please look into this? Thanks.

Hello, I have access to the problem, I had a Revolut card from last year. And yesterday after I withdrew a sum of money from the ATM, for my family, I tried to withdraw again and I received a message that the account is blocked for security reasons.
I do not understand why ?
there is money I receive for my family.
what to do now ?.

@anon33247966 I have had my app blocked already for 4 days already waiting for an agent.
I can’t use the app or pay with my card !

I need help to card revolut but is block and before working

I have the same problem please how can i sorted

Try to contact them via the app or failing that Facebook or Twitter

When you get through to the contact us bit and your chatting to a bot, reply with agent.

Should respond with ‘live agent’

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How do I reset my login details to get into my account?

@anon33247966 Can you please contact me - I am trying to set up my account but when I type my number into the app it tells me it is invalid so now i am unable to access the in-app live chat and have no way of speaking to anyone

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My chat is already one week at “finding agent…” after I was transferred from one agent to another. Guess the only solution is to write to the Financial Ombudsman.


Good day, i have been trying to register via the app and it won’t work, i have at least 25 secrect 6 number codes as they are automatically written by the robot and i have made pass words and it is not recognised. there is no confirmation after each step saying success carry on to the next step. I have been busy for more thatn 7 hours trying to get the b dy app to work. there is no mentioning of that it is out of order the app. once i tap onto the reason why i want to join it say try again later. Pfff . Why ask a question why i want to join IT IS NOT OBVIOUS TO YOU??? I NEED IT TO PAY! this is not directed to any person. but to the website and the app
even when i send an email i get a robot back. please lets get really here

How do I speak to a live agent

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@anon33247966 i need help, i cant login

Scroll this page up a bit … they answer is already there.

Hello there my name is seree I live in Ireland
I have a problem would to ask you to help, at my card has been cancelled! Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

Try contacting them via in-app chat. Respond with “live agent” to the bot.
Alternatively, you can contact them on Facebook or Tweeter.

Hey @anon33247966

Revolut I am having the same problem… Here’s the scoop

I’ve been in verification mode for days and days now, I totally remember verifying when I signed up but for some reason it’s asking me now

I can’t access the chat box because Im in the verification mode still surprisingly

The verification function does not work at all and I’m in colombia and not able to buy anything, is there anyway you can save my life and verify me please I’m going hungry here


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Hi there,
I cannot access my revout app. I think it’s because my phone number has changed. Or because I haven’t used my card in 6 months?? Can you help me access my app so I can you my revolut card again???

Since 1 month I cannot use my Revolut cuz it’s blocked I was asked for some documents I present them, but since that moment cross 1 MONTH and I cannot contact no one from Revolut support, cuz When I open the App is loading a page to chat with Live agents… and sure no one answer… Do someone know how to contact with that terrible service!?

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