How can I speak to a person for help

hi hello, i have the same problem, did you managed to get access to you ap or not?

Hi. my application doesn’t work anymore. The only option available is to contact the live chat but there nobody answers for 5 days. How can i solve this problem ? @AndreasK

I am having the same issue I have been trying to access my account with three weeks. I am getting the same advice each time that does not work and I can’t get back into the live chat get more help from the live agent. I have to start the process over again with a new agent that gives the same advice. Is there anywhere to get help the [+442033228352] is not working?

I am in need of support 90£ has been held which should be in my account and I can’t get through to anyone

Hello, for 7 days no one answers my chat,I trasferred a sum of money to the revolute account and it has been waiting for 7 days, I have written countless times on chat no one notices me

For help click here:

hello I wanted to know if any of you in the last few days has had the same problem as mine, that is that my account has been blocked with no possibility of writing in the live chat because it is constantly looking for an agent and without any valid reason to lock my account, in addition to me, my wife was also locked for no reason. I have sent email to almost all the email that I have found and made the complaint hoping they will reply to me as soon as possible.
through a chat of a friend of mine (the only way to speak with an agent) I was told that the blockage could concern the gdpr … but what does this mean? if it concerned privacy I had to be notified! I have money in the account with which I do the shopping to eat! this is not the way, I like revolut a lot but this thing shouldn’t have been done. I hope they get my account back with all my money back.
sorry but not knowing the English language I use google translator.

Did you receive any answer? I face the same issue

hello my card is blocked can you help me please

No, this is a user forum. You have to contact :r: via in-app chat, twitter or facebook.

Why can’t :r: hire some stuff that will check this forum regularly. Or at least they should add a sticky thread or some information on top of this page telling people what to do if they need official support (in case in-app chat is broken, they are locked out, victim of scammers, etc.)

Just approving posts and changing some logos on this page is a joke. Or does :r: assist here via DM?

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