How can I speak to a person for help

Hi I cas supposées to received wire still this time I cannot log in my annciutn I can only try to talk on live chat but nobody answer my accoutn is totally locked and nobody answer to me … how I can do ???

My App is not working! I cant gain access, there are no live agents to talk to, please help!

I’ve had this a few times with Revolut.

Once again, I made a transfer and my account gets frozen. I get onto support, and someone leaves their shift. Then I’m left in chat limbo where it’s looking for another agent

It’s very difficult to know what’s happening. I don’t know if my chat is lost in the ether. Nobody gets back to me on social media. I mean, the most I can do is wait it out and hope that it gets seen to. It crosses my mind frequently to take legal action.

I’m very close this time


How can I speak to a support team I had £400 on my account and it’s not letting me use it it’s a shame

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Anyone available to help me? I was on chat but as my account won’t verify I’m not able to access the chat


This is same issue I had on Monday and till now i cant get any live agent to verify my account, I thought it was easy to change the address on my address since I was moving from my aunt’s address back to family house. It’s so frustrating as they havent got a phone number you could possibly call to speak to a human being. It shouldn’t be this way, you lots are stressing us out for no specific reason. I wish someone can help me with this simple task.



I lost access to my old phone since i lost it at airport, and cant remember my old phonenumber, i need access to my account as soon as possible ?

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Hello guys,

I am having problem with investments through Revolut. I have some money on my account already exchanged for this purpose, but it has been five days and my buy and sell buttons are still grey. Can somebody help me please?

The documentation does not mention anything in this regard, it terribly hard to reach any support. It just seems like engineers are trying to push people out of their reach.

Btw, if you want a help with user friendly documentation, I can be of service to you as a technical writer. FAQs are one of the worst solutions you can do, trust me.

Just some notes about the support:

First: When I try to contact Revolut in the app, it jist loops me with information that my card has been delivered? This is very strange…

Second: Why I even cannot write new comment in this community, but have to react to old one? Is this a restriction for new users or is the UI just so unfriendly and cryptic?

But please help me with the first question above about investments. From documentation point of view, there is really a lot to improve in Revolut. Like is Revolut so important, that I cannot even write there an email?

cc: @anon33247966

Thanks for help,

I can’t get a hold of anyone to close my account.
It’s not a great customer support!
Can you (@anon33247966) pls get in touch with me in need to talk to some1 that can close my account.

Have a nice day.

I tried to contact Andreas several times without success. Can @andreas contact me ? i have the same prob to connect Revolut and it has been 3 days i tried to solve the prob …

does someone know If Revolut customer Service is answering emails in dutch to users?

Hi Juliopp, how can I contact @anon33247966 ?
How can I contact anyone from Revolute? I forgot my passcode of my app and in order to restore my password, they send a code to my mail, which they never sent. I checked my mail box and Junk, still nothing. I can’t use my card for a couple of weeks already. :’-(

@anon33247966 I need help with my account, it was locked without reason, can someone help me?

Hi. Am having problem logging in my app.any advice on how I can chat to a live agent. Seems my account had be blocked due to change of address

Write them on Twitter or Facebook

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I don’t have Twitter or Facebook account and I just changed my phone number and the app is not letting me access with the new number. When I insert the passcode nothing happens, the app screen gets blocked. I would like to speak with the customer service, but it seems there is no way if you don’t have access of the app. How to solve this?

Have done all that. Still nothing helpful. All they saying is the patient

My accounts been hacked or frauded and the app doesn’t reacognise my phone number I really need to get this sorted out and I have no way of getting in contact👎Could someone get back to me ASAP.

REVOLUT get this fixed. I need to get access to my account and there’s no way to do it from AFGHANISTAN. The stress this is causing is immense.

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hi hello, i have the same problem, did you managed to get access to you ap or not?

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