How can I speak to a person for help

Hello, for 7 days no one answers my chat,I trasferred a sum of money to the revolute account and it has been waiting for 7 days, I have written countless times on chat no one notices me

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For help click here:

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hello I wanted to know if any of you in the last few days has had the same problem as mine, that is that my account has been blocked with no possibility of writing in the live chat because it is constantly looking for an agent and without any valid reason to lock my account, in addition to me, my wife was also locked for no reason. I have sent email to almost all the email that I have found and made the complaint hoping they will reply to me as soon as possible.
through a chat of a friend of mine (the only way to speak with an agent) I was told that the blockage could concern the gdpr … but what does this mean? if it concerned privacy I had to be notified! I have money in the account with which I do the shopping to eat! this is not the way, I like revolut a lot but this thing shouldn’t have been done. I hope they get my account back with all my money back.
sorry but not knowing the English language I use google translator.

Did you receive any answer? I face the same issue

hello my card is blocked can you help me please

No, this is a user forum. You have to contact :r: via in-app chat, twitter or facebook.

Why can’t :r: hire some stuff that will check this forum regularly. Or at least they should add a sticky thread or some information on top of this page telling people what to do if they need official support (in case in-app chat is broken, they are locked out, victim of scammers, etc.)

Just approving posts and changing some logos on this page is a joke. Or does :r: assist here via DM?


Hi, None of these methods actually work, I am a victim of fraud, someone hacked my SIM card somehow, hacked my Revolut account, tried to withdraw money into it from my Linked Santander account, I declined access and then later on they withdrew all the money in my saving vaults into the account and sent it to someone named ‘GEOFFREY MIDDLETON’. My sim deactivated for about 10 minutes which was odd, and after reading some threads assumed the person cloned my SIM card. not only can I not get through to a bloody human being on Revolut, 3 mobile is no help either. ALL ROBOTS. I spoke to thaddeus, and she said she would help and then left me hanging for 4 days after taking all my details. My account has been blocked, I cannot even access the app. I need assistance ASAP.

Hi all.

Today I got a notification about my account is blocked.
When I try to log in only option is start a chat but not loading it.
Can anyone tell me how long it takes to them to unlock my account?
Or how can I speak with someone?

It’s not possible to speak to anyone - chat only

Hi having issues verifing my account, simply says its processing and it has been saying that for multiple weeks, any advice/help?

I have the same issue. My monthly salary transaction is pending since June 2nd. I have a an open chat and nobody is responding there since 8th June. I filed a complain through the complaints page and still don’t have any answer. I started wondering if Revolut is till functioning at all.

I wrote in Twitter and they replied immediately. They asked me politely to wait again but this time after two days a person appeared in the app chat and asked me for some documents for the transaction. I sent the documents and my money are with me now. I’m not happy for waiting 1 month and I guess I’ll stop using them.

Hi,i cant access to my account.They asked me for the last 3 payslips,and i send,but still i cant access.i dont know what to do,because my wage need to come.Thanks

I think my account has been hacked what should I do

Help I have been waiting 4 days now my chat us disabled and no-one has been in touch

Read a few other comments and you’ll find the answer! Hint: If no one is answering in the :r: app try social media (FB/Twitter). Or:

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Hi I have an account with revolut , I try to log in the app but I’m waiting to verify my identity, I’m waiting from yesterday , I delete the app and re-instal the app 3 times and nothing ,I receive notifications but when I press on the notifications nothing is working , I just telling my to wait for the verify my identity tomorrow I need to receive my money from universal credit.PLEASE help me

Same issue here. I just signed up yesterday, and I’m still waiting for my identity to be verified. So I cannot do anything. I want to order a card as I’m going to travel next week. Can someone please look into this? Thanks.

Hello, I have access to the problem, I had a Revolut card from last year. And yesterday after I withdrew a sum of money from the ATM, for my family, I tried to withdraw again and I received a message that the account is blocked for security reasons.
I do not understand why ?
there is money I receive for my family.
what to do now ?.

@anon33247966 I have had my app blocked already for 4 days already waiting for an agent.
I can’t use the app or pay with my card !