How can I speak to a person for help


I really need to speak to someone in customer services as my payment card got stolen, I have money on my Revolut card I can’t access. Please tell me HOW to get through to A PERSON to deal with this


Hello @ambersilverman,

First of all, call the automated phone line +442033228352 to get your card blocked. :lock::frowning:
If you still have access to the app, block your cards from the app.
Then, please try one of the following:

1. Contact @AndreasK

2. In-app support chat
If you still have your phone, in the :r: app click More and then Support. Type “live agent”.
Else, from another phone, download :r:, try to login with your phone number and instead of typing your PIN, click Forgot? and then Support.

3. Contact :r: through Twitter or Facebook

Hope you get this solved quickly :wink:


This is a farce - I’m in a similar situation and for a FINANCIAL SERVICES company to not provide human support is ridiculous - I’ve wasted 6 hours on my honeymoon trying to access my money to no avail!!! I will absolutely cut this comany down in all future interactions


@Mr00bill That is fantastic what you’re saying, and nobody will miss you here.

Honeymoon’s for having fun and not wasting time.
Always have a backup card, especially if you’re dealing with a fintech startup and a pre-paid card, and especially if- judging by the way you posted, providing no details whatsoever- you have no idea how to use this service.

Revolut’s been working flawlessly for me. Just got back from another trip, another 50 or so card transactions, all of them successful, no issues at all, FX money saved. :slight_smile:


Why is it impossible to call revolut support? Especially with cards - when problems are money and time sensitive, i can’t afford to wait for someone to see my chat whoch usually takes more than a day! I typed live agent in the chat and nothing happened. Would you have a phone number pls?


Hey @pebbleblu :slight_smile:

Unfortunately they don’t.


As above, try contact via Facebook or Twitter


Why do you think? They don’t give a shit. All they want is the money. Why do you think they take so long to transfer the money into your Revolut account? And why do you think that by a “mere coincidence”, when the crypto currencies were falling, the money got transferred immediatelly?


Please don’t feed the trolls.
Some mod please close this thread, thanks!


Just because it always works for you is no reason to attack others who get less than good service. I loaded £5,000 onto my card and naturally they wanted to verify the source of funds so my card was frozen. It took 6 days for Revolut even to acknowledge me. They clearly don’t have enough people to answer these queries and they need to understand the impact of this.