How can I make sure that my RevolutCard doesn't get blocked?

During the next months, I will spend a significant time in the UK, so a RevolutCard would be perfect for me. However, I have read some reports that Revolut sometimes randomly blocks accounts and requires further verification. I understand why it’s necessary, but it still worries since the customer service isn’t very responsive.

Is there a way to do all those verifications in advance so that I don’t have to deal with it when I’m abroad? I would top-up my account via EUR bank transfer.

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Fully verify your account, verify all your cards for top-ups (it is best to only use cards for top-ups that are in your name – e. g. not your partners credit card), don’t use virtual cards for top-ups. Or just top-up “old school” with bank transfers.

This is for basic account operation. There is also a yearly limit for top-ups (profile, verification and limits).