How can I link my Revolut for Business account to the mobile app?


Hello, I’ve installed the Revolut mobile app and gone through the onboarding process, but it seems to have created a personal account instead of linking to my business account.

How can I manage my Revolut for business account from the mobile app?


@lthibault there is no app for Business Revolut accounts yet. You can access it only from the desktop for now. :man_technologist:t2:


Is there an ETA when we can expect a business app?

It’s a bit of a pain right now because you don’t receive notifications when the balance changes.


@clns Unfortunately, for now, there is no timeline for business app.

Access business site from mobile

Hi just joined this thread. If there were a business app a lot of small businesses (especially those who travel) would become Revolut customers. As an interim step, why not have the online system send the user a text (you have their phone number) when the balance changes? This is a fairly simple way of overcoming the major limitation of the online only approach.


it would be even better if they would make responsive.


Hey guys, you can check out this topic for some follow up, I’ve (out of frustration) actually built a mobile app


You can easily link Revolut Business account to #slack and get all notifications online to your mobile or desktop.