How can I increase top up limit?

My top up limit is 5000Euros/ year. I want more. How can I do?

Hi there.

Thank you for contacting us.

To increase your annual top up limits, you’ll need to provide official documents showing the transaction(s) that generated the funds used to top up your Revolut account. In addition, please also provide a copy of a bank statement showing the funds entering/leaving a personal bank account in your name. This does not affect your daily top up limits, as these are system generated.

Source of funds: Salary
If your top up was generated from your salary, you’ll need to send us copies of your pay slips (or P60/tax receipts) for three months. We’ll also need to see a bank statement showing the salary being paid into the bank account you topped up your Revolut account from.

Source of funds: Savings
If you added money from a savings account, please send copies of your bank statement for that account which should show the top up to your Revolut account.

Source of funds: Sale of Property
If you’ve sold a property and used the proceeds to top up your Revolut account, you’ll need to send us a copy of the sale contract for the property; a bank statement showing the proceeds of the sale being credited to your bank account; and a statement showing the funds being transferred to your Revolut account.

Hi Andreas,

Where do i need to send those documents?

From “more, profile, authorization and limits” or via support chat.