How can I get my physical card ?



I just created my virtual card.

I wanted to receive my actual card but when I try, the app tells me I have to pay 12 € and it’s seems to say that I am ordering a spare card.

When creating my virtual card, did Revolut automatically send me a real card for 6 € ?

I also saw a screenshot from another user that had a " I want a physical card " option on its revolut card screen in the app.

I do not have that.

I have to go on the " add a new Revolut card " to ask a physical card. But that seems to be asking for a second physical card not the first one.

How can I be sure that I will receive my physical card ?

Thanks for your answers.


Get in touch with the in-app support chat to see if you have a physical card on its way. Ordering a virtual one will not get you a physical one, but they might be able to rectify the extra €6 cost.:wink:


Thanks : the in-app support chat helped me indeed.

I had to delete my virtual card and ask for a physical one.


Great to hear that @Jejepv :slight_smile: Enjoy it :sunglasses: