How can I change my passcode? 🤔

Hello Revolut Community :wave:

Having trouble remembering the numbers you picked for your passcode? Or maybe you just want to change your passcode? Either way, we’ve got you covered!

How do I change my passcode after logging in? :face_with_monocle:

  1. Go to your ‘Profile’
  2. Tap on ‘Security & privacy
  3. Tap on ‘Change passcode’
  4. Follow the prompts to change your passcode

I forgot my passcode and can’t access my account. How do I reset my passcode? :unamused:

  1. Open our mobile app
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. Tap on ‘Forgot your passcode?’
  4. Follow the prompts — you may be asked to enter a one-time passcode, to take a selfie, or to take a picture of your ID

I’m stuck on the screen after tapping ‘Forgot your passcode’ :thinking:

Don’t stress! I’ve got you covered with some easy troubleshooting steps that will help you reset the passcode:

  1. Make sure your Revolut app is updated to the latest version available
  2. Clear the device’s cache:

iPhone: ‘Settings’ → ‌’General’ → iPhone storage → search for the Revolut app → select ‘Offload app/clear cache’

Android: ‘Settings’ → ‘Apps’ → search for the Revolut app → click on the app → tap ‘Storage’ → clear cache

  1. Close the app (close it completely from the app switcher)
  2. Turn your device on and off
  3. Try with both Wi-Fi and mobile data — ensuring that network connections are strong and stable
  4. If none of this helps, use an alternative device (if possible)

I’m having trouble verifying my selfie :selfie:

Before starting the verification and uploading your selfie in-app, please keep in mind the following:

  • You need to have the latest app version downloaded on your device
  • If your camera isn’t working, please use a different device
  • The selfie must be submitted in-app

Now, let me help you with the simple guidelines on how to take a suitable selfie:

  • Get yourself ready
  • Take the photo/video in good lighting
  • Remove glasses and hats
  • You must be the only person in the frame

While taking your selfie:

  • Make sure camera/microphone access is enabled for Revolut
  • Position your face in the oval
  • Follow the guidelines and adjust as needed

I’m having some difficulty verifying my ID picture :identification_card:

While uploading the ID, please remember that your identity document must meet the following criteria:

  • It’s a supported identity document type
  • It isn’t expired, damaged, or unreadable
  • The photo is clear and all the required details are visible
  • The details in your Revolut account match the information on the document

Take a live picture of the document — align the document within the frame, making sure all four corners of the document are visible. We don’t accept pictures taken of copies, scans, or device screens.

Feeling confident about resetting/updating your passcode? Or still having difficulty? No worries! Feel free to drop a comment below if you have any problems, doubts, or concerns. :arrow_double_down:

SG | Community Team


Thank you but I did not request support. I only sent you an email address that I thought was suspect and using the Revolut name. Here it goes again

Is this from you?


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Hello @Dgfcooper :wave: ,

No to worry!
The email “” is our Community email address.

Since you have a Community account with us, you might get emails from us with the latest topics :wink:

Hope this helps!

SG | Community Team