How can I add a new debit card to my revolut account?

HI there
Can anyone advise me on how to add my new debit card to my account as I am going on holiday on Wednesday.


Hey @Mizminty :slight_smile:

You should click the Top-up button in the main screen, swipe your existing card to the left and add a card there :slight_smile:

Excellent, thank you! :slight_smile:


In the new Revolut app I cannot add a new card. I can see only my exist card. No option to add a new one.

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Why is not possible to add a second debit/credit card? :flushed:
It’s really disappointing!

Solution posted in Juliopp post #2 does not work any more.

Is it possible to link more than one card at the moment?

I need one card to top up Euro to my account and another card to top-up USD.

Well, post no. 2 was almost 3 years ago. The app changed drastically in between. This here is a forum, not a wiki. Who’s supposed to update everything that was said years ago? :slight_smile:

Regarding your problem, you can still add more than one card:

Tap “add”, then “change” next to your first card. Scroll down now, tap “Debit or credit card” (do not change the details of the card that appears under “linked cards”!). You’re going to be presented with the form for new card details on the next screen after confirming the amount for the top-up. After a successful top-up, the new card will appear under “linked cards” next to the first one.

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Thank you Frank. It works.

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I still encounter the issue. I use the android app, it’s up to date with the Google store, and I still can’t add a 2nd linked card. There’s no option “Debit or Credit card” which seems to have been replaced by “Add card” above the existing linked card. However, clicking on it just select the existing card to top-up, where I would expect this to show the new card form.

See the below screenshot.

Thanks for your help!

After tapping “add card”, the place where the exiting card is usually shown should say “Debit or credit card” instead. And the blue button should say “add card” instead of “add money securely”. The card details are entered on the screen after that.

That’s how it works for me. You might want to contact support if that’s not what you’re seeing.

I contacted the support and we made it work. When you click “Add card” and you’re sent back to the previous screen, it could feel buggy but it’s OK, you should then press the “Add money” button. And this is where the form for the new credit card appears… Not the most intuitive UI but that’s the workflow for the current version.

This was helpful. I still have the old app.