How about to found a new crypto-currency?


The bank industry is changing very fast. I was one of the first your user. I think that could be a good idea to found a Revolut own crypto-currency (obviously based on Blockchain technology) according to we are almost 1million in the “Revolut family”, it could even attract new investors and users. RevoCoin in my opinion sounds not bad :innocent:


Now added Cryptocurrencies but no wallet address!


When do we get our wallet addresses?


You can only “trade” with those kinda cryptocurrencies. You cannot do any top up or withdrawal, at the moment.


I agree, but also disagree! I’m glad Revolut haven’t made a coin, I.e. done an ICO, as, well, look at how well all the other’s have done?! Or not done!!!

At least, they’re just tip toeing in, rather than disappointing everyone by adding full support, then we all get our cards blocked! lol!

There’s also just way too many of the ICOs out there! PayX, Monaco, CryptoPay, U-Quid Coin, the list goes on! I think it’s a good idea for Revolut to continue their push as the best alternative to banking, and perhaps either add Spending / Sending support, or just continue the trading element of it, but with a few more coins. I.e. expand like eToro has. Add Dash, Bitcoin Cash/Gold, Ethereum Classic, etc…


My opinion is that cryptocurrency market is too volatile and dangerous for something like Revolut. In case of trading risks are moved to user who can choose to accept it or not. RevoCoin has potential of exposing all the users, so I would be against it.