How about an IBAN?


I’m not sure if this is possible on Revolut structure, but how about providing an IBAN per account?


I see why this is appealing, but I don’t think that’s the route Revolut should take. Providing all the infrastructure like a traditional current account might raise the costs and I would like Revolut focusing on the core of the product: building the best multi currency card out there.


And with an IBAN also adding the possibility of topping up the account by receiving money via third party bank transfers.


It’s coming in the next 6-12 months! :tada:


Cool !
the having the IBAN printed on the card would be a pretty cool feature too !


Hum… maybe! N26 stopped doing that if I’m right. Isn’t that a security issue because if someone stole you card you can block it immediately… while the IBAN is personal and hard/impossible to be renewed the thief can maybe stole you money directly from the IBAN, no? If someone knows better than me the IBAN I’m waiting for clarifications :confused:


oh ! dunno… maybe so…


Fraudulent direct debits from bank accounts can be cancelled. N26 may well have chosen not to print the IBAN on recent cards because they have just received their own banking licence and might migrate away from the Wirecard platform sooner or later.

Individual IBANs for each account would be great. UK sort code and account number would be even nicer. Particularly for smaller businesses in Europe that might want to accept Bacs payments from UK customers, as it is a genuine PITA to open a UK bank account from abroad.


True, that’s a good point.

Ok… but it can surprises some people to there if they see a unknown transaction… and maybe revolt will charge fees to block a fraudulent direct debit (think that’s normal). So we can maybe see it like an option with the card initial/renewed delivery! :slight_smile:

Coming for sure, yes that’s great! :smiley:


good news. let’s see if it doesn’t impact on costs because the product is already very good


Withdrawals via the so called “SEPA direct debit scheme” only work, if the bank that asks for a withdrawal, provides a “Creditor identifier” and a “Mandate reference”.

A bank has to check if these details are present before they transfer your money to someone’s account. Transfers are documented well and the recipient of the money is easily identifiable.

Also, you can return a SEPA direct debit within 8 weeks without stating reasons. If the creditor didn’t provide a legit mandate reference, this period extended to one year.

But I doubt that Revlout is going to accept direct debits even once they got every account holder its own IBAN. They might not want to (and I think they shouldn’t) become a current account. It adds too much complexity and obligations to the product. So it would be safe to print an IBAN on a card, a bank can decide just to decline every incoming SEPA direct debit request.


Thanks a lot for the clarifications! :smiley:



how can i find my iban??


Hit the ‘Top Up’ button and tap ‘Bank Transfer’. Next, select the currency you would like to top up your Revolut account in. The rule is that you should top up in the currency that your bank account is held in. For example, if you have a UK bank account make sure you top-up in GBP.

You will be directed to a page which shows the account details you need to make a transfer to.


Is that the unique IBAN per account?
Why is the app still advising to use the reference?

It’s an IBAN from Lloyds now. Did revolut moved from Barclays to Lloyds?


Unique IBANs are not yet implemented, which is why you need the reference, and you can only transfer from an account in your own name. Revolut has moved its client accounts from Barclays to Lloyds, but it does not give you a unique IBAN yet, only unique UK bank account and sort code.


Any estimated time of arrival for unique IBAN ?


Would be great to see as it will be possible to get your own salary on it etc.
Monese will offer this also in summer
N26, Leupay ,and more has their own IBAN.

Revolut how faster it is available how better :joy:


It would be really useful for me to have own UK account until September. :slight_smile: