Happy with Revolut system and wondering about other people using my card, with my permission. I currently live in a family unit of 5 adults all pooling “housekeeping” on a monthly basis.

For me easy option would be to have a revolut card for this and we can transfer funds in monthly then whoever does shopping can use the card.

Wondering on your thoughts and would this be legal? in Cyprus by the way.

Well, two things:

Merchants can decline a card if the cardholder can not present an ID with matching name and signature.

Sharing the PIN of the card is a violation of the T&Cs, the secret passcode must not be shared with 3rd parties.

This might not be relevant in daily life. But it can become relevant in cases of fraud. I would not recommend to use the card like you described.

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Many thanks for the clarification. This is what makes membership of the forum worthwhile. Thanks :ok_hand: