Hotel payment still pending


Dear all,

I have a question regarding pre authorization from a hotel in NYC. When I arrived, 7th March 2018, they made a paiement on my revolut credit card of 3200 usd. When I checked out (18th March), I paid the full amount (around 3’300 usd). Now, the first paiement is still pending and my usd balance is negative -2500 usd

This first paiement should not exist anymore. What should I do ? Any advice ?

Thanks a lot


Hey Shimon

If the Hotel does not collect the pre authorization within 7-10 days when it will be returned to you automatically. To speed up the process you can call the hotel and have them do it, or ask for confirmation codes and have Revolut support help you out :slight_smile:


Although the pre-authorisation was completed on the 7th of March, which is over the 10 day period, they may not have released it until you paid the bill when leaving on the 18th of March.

I know it’s annoying but this should correct its self within the next 10 days :slight_smile:


Also you should read the terms regarding negative balances (17.1 and 17.2). I don’t think anything will happen but better safe than sorry :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for information
I called hotel and they told me it was cancelled
So I have to wait. Regarding the negative balance, you think it is a big issue ? Since it not a real negative balance ?
Topping up 3k usd is a lot … I would prefer waiting for the transaction being canceled