Hotel in Turkey - transaction pending


I wanted to pay for my hotel in Turkey.
I exchanged the needed TRY currency and made the payment, but problems:

  1. The money are now pending in Revolut account (instant)
  2. No receipt from the Hotel POS
  3. No trace of the transaction on their POS transactions.

I paid with another CC, but this is frustrating!
Revolut support will be available in 4 hours! This not acceptable, sorry!

Great, now my payment is no more pending, it’s complete!
So how was with the 7 days period for pending payments?

Did you pay in person at their terminal or online?

What did support say? You probably need to file for a chargeback at this point.

I was in person, at the POS. I was paying for my next 3 nights stay at the hotel.

If the merchant (or its payment processor) claimed the money, there must be a paper trail in their systems.

You can generate a receipt for the payment (tap on it). You can then send the merchant this and the receipt for the payment with the other card and ask him to refund one of them.

Revolut support might be able to provide you additional informations about the transaction, some sort of transaction no. that might help the merchant to identify the payment.

If the merchant is not going to respond to your inquiry, you can raise a chargeback claim.