Hotel deposit

I recently paid a deposit for a hotel in NYC. Does anyone know when the hold will be lifted as I was charged nothing when I left the hotel.

I’ve seen some horror stories where revolut have held the money for a long time, foes anyone have any experience of this? Thanks

It will take up to 10 days I think.

As far as I experienced it, it took about a week with our travels.

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Thank you so much, that’s really helpful

Same thing happened to me at a Holiday Inn and it took around two weeks to release the funds. A complete nuisance because it locked all the euros I was expecting to use during the few hours between leaving the hotel and getting my flight. Now, I just refuse to let hotels take my card when I check in, they consider it is unusual but they are OK with it.

For that reason it is good to have another credit card with you where the hotel or car rental can put a hold into the account and you can still use the :r: to pay other things.

As far as I understand that has nothing to do with Revolut, it is the hotel policy - for me it happend that the funds been blocked for more then five weeks (not with Revolut)

Yes that is correct, but if you have a huge blocked amount on the Revolut which you can’t spend then there is a lot of unused money on your account. Therefore it is “better” ( my opinion) to use a credit card which has a monthly allowance to get the hold on.

My money was released this morning. I checked out on Wednesday so it happened really quickly. Thanks for all your replies.

I always use an American Express charge card (which has no credit limit) for hotel deposits. For a transaction that never hits your account, you don’t need a good FX rate, so Revolut isn’t the best option.

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