Horrible top-up issue with wirecard through Revolut app



I am highly worried due to a transaction I made in December.

I used top-up through bank transfer for the first time on the 22nd of December using the credentials provided by the app. After sending €500 to the IBAN provided in the app nothing happened. On the 6th of January I had a long chat with support and they told me I used a wrong IBAN that does not belong to Revolut (even though it was displayed in the app and copy-pasted from there). After verifying the IBAN it turns out it belongs to Wirecard AG in Germany, a company I have never heard of and where I am not a client - unlike Revolut which, according to support, cooperates with this company.

Support tells me to send a screenshot which I do not have as I naively trusted Revolut and am not tracking every transaction by screenshots. Then they are telling me to contact my bank where I did the transfer from which does not make sense as all my bank can say is I made a legit transaction. So support is not helpful either.

Not sure what happens if I contact wirecard but as I am not an immediate client I might run into issues and support tells me they cannot do anything without a screenshot (even though I sent them multiple screenshots of the transfer from my online banking).

Not sure where to go from here but I feel cheated by €500 so far.


Issue with sending € to lei account; continues

PS: Conclusion of support chat: they are not willing to help without a screenshot, not even forwarding the issue along with the IBAN in question to a team or person that is in touch with partners.

Deeply disappointed and highly worried.


I would contact Wirecard AG in person.
If somehow you managed to make a transfer to them they should be able to reverse it.

Hope you get it sorted :+1:


The Romanian LEU account I think is the only Revolut account that uses a wirecard IBAN.

Is it possible you sent it here?

Perhaps it got stuck somewhere on the way due to being incorrect currency


Yep that was the issue. The first support person scared me though manager sorted it out, trust restored going to continue using Revolut now.