Horrible customer service and security


Just been having the worst time with a representative and wondering if anyone can help /relate.

I attempted to purchase something and it triggered a security lock out - fine. In order to unlock it I had to enter the codes associated with the recent transactions on my bank account and then scan the relevant card. Also fine. Except that it didn’t work! So ridiculous! I think it was a combination of having to leave the app to go to my banking app and maybe my camera not properly scanning the card. So then it properly locked me out and I had to wait for chat support. I wanted for hours and then the chat closed - madness. Then I finally got a response today and it has been the most ridiculous experience. First he asked to confirm the normal info(address, dob etc) - fine. Then he wanted a bank statement with the recent transactions on it (which I wasn’t very comfortable with). But my bank (and I think every bank?) issues Bank statements only monthly so that couldn’t work anyways. But isn’t that something I feel like security should know? Then I offered a screenshot of my online banking with the transactions there but because it didn’t show my name he wouldn’t accept it(even though it clearly showed the recent transactions including the earlier codes). Then he asked me for a utility bill with my address. Which unfortunately I don’t have one. Although I have my car insurance in that address so sent him a picture of that. I have not heard from him since. Radio silence. Problem is- THERE IS STILL HUNDREDS OF EURO IN MY ACCOUNT. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I would love to tweet or Facebook at them but I don’t do that sort of thing… I am so terrified that I won’t get access to my money again.

Thanks for your time guys. What do you think I should do?


Account has just been unlocked. No apology for radio silence or anything…