Horrendous Customer Support


My account was blocked over 24 hous ago. I’ve sent messages via in-app support and had zero response.

I foolishly thought a Revolut card would be helpful. My wife and I are now on honeymoon, having left the UK this morning with no access to our honeymoon funds, which I transferred onto my Revolut card.

There is no customer support except via in-app chat, of which no one has to responded to my messages.

I will definitely not recommend Revolut to friends. Thank you Revolut for helping us have a great start to our honeymoon sarcasm.


No response from Revolut on the forum…that speaks volumns


Completely Agree - hugely frustrating - please warn as many people as you can.


Please be reminded that this is merely a USERforum and not an actual Revolut Support Channel. I suggest contacting support via Twitter or Facebook. It’s often faster then In App Support.