I have tried to book an apartment in the eurozone and in homeaway payment section there’s no choice of currency. my address is in the UK.
In fact I clicked Pay and the payment was attempted from my £ account of my revolut card.
homeaway support said they would try charge in EURos.

Is there anything that can be done?

Double check the transaction details within the Revolut app. Does it show a conversion from EUR? If not, the merchant charged you most likely in GBP.

the attempt to charge appears in the list of transactions in the £ list, not in the EUR list.

So it didn’t go thru?

i had £0. yeah it was of course blocked.
I gather there’s nothing to do on revolut side, and homeaway online has no currency selection.
so i’ll just suffer the bad rate.

You can check the declined payment. If it shows a conversion there, the attempt was made in a different currency than GBP. If it shows only the GBP amount, that’s most likely what the merchant tried to charge.

both my € and £ are empty.
in the £ list, it showed:
Homeaway ________________________ --£517.48— : line crossing amount
26 June, 14:37: Insufficient balance €587.40

Does this mean the attempt was made first in the € account, and because it was empty, then a debit from the £ account was attempted?
There’s no entry in the € transaction list.

Yes. The merchant tried to charge you in EUR.

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