Home currency Issue


My home currency is Euros (I live in Spain)
However I top up Revolut from a UK bank card in UKP .
I am about to travel abroad to ASIA …how do I ensure that the UKP balance is used in cashpoints abroad …I dont want to have to transfer UKP to Euros then use the ATM…is there a way to guarantee this happens
(I cant disable the home € account)
Thanks !
Bill P


Hola @wakevortex :slight_smile:

As long as you choose “reject conversion” or “Charge in UKP” (or the wording equivalent) you’ll be fine. The currency is not chosen by :r: but by the POS/ATM :smile:

That means, if you get charged in UKP, the EUR balance will be dynamically converted to UKP, BUT even if you converted all the EUR into UKP and then got charged in EUR (accepting the POS conversion, the UKP would dynamically converted back to EUR :dizzy_face:

Long story short: it all happens at the POS/ATM, be sure to refuse DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) :wink:


Hola !
Thanks for that …much appreciated ! so even though UKP is NOT my “home currency” it will still effectively draw from that balance? …good news if thats how it works !

cheers again

Bill P


Hola de nuevo @wakevortex :smiley:

Please check this FAQ:

Esentialy, yes. Pay close attention to the currency usage order and you’ll be good :wink:


As your base currency is € the only way you can ensure your withdrawal comes off of your GBP balance would be to have no €’s in that account and to ensure all other currencies except GBP are also disabled. Then choose withdrawal in the local currency, to avoid the dreaded DCC, and :r: will use your GBP balance to do the conversion.