Historic Statement by Merchant Print Out

I’d like to produce an historic statement by Merchant to see all payments made to this person. Possible…?

You can download it as *.CSV then use it (turn filter on) in excel…
Remember that you can download history only 1 year old.

Go to the ‘Accounts’ section of the app, scroll up on your transaction history, and tap the receipt icon in the top-right corner. Select the date range and file format (PDF or Excel) of your statement. Next, tap ‘Get statement’ and you will be able to see your account history on your screen.

If you would like to download your statement, simply tap the export icon in the top-right corner of the screen and you can choose to send it to yourself via SMS or email, or download it to your phone.

Thanks JessicaZ,

As far I could see that only will show a statement for an entire currency. I’m looking for a statement for a merchant within a currency, if it’s possible.