Hire more people


I might sound crazy or even :r:evolutionary but considering all the money you got, what about hiring more people?

Identity Verification Problem...
Personal accounts in different countries

Are you suggesting that two agents pretending to be multiple persons from diverse nationalities is not enough? :thinking:

(just kidding, don’t take this post seriously)


second that idea ++++++ omg replies need more 20 chars :frowning:


Fantastic idea!! Level of customer service needs improvement…


Hey guys. Of course we are hiring people :slight_smile: Company size according to linkedin is currently 201-500 employees.


looking forward to all those new people eager to make the :r:evolut experience better to users graduate from training :wink:


Was told someone would help me within 4 hours. 48 hours later I get a reply and within 30 mins I get a message saying “we’ve not heard from you in a while” - I’ve never been so angry.


It is not your bank with normally functioning call centre with max. waiting time of 1 minute. This is beyond banking, so get used if you want to save your pennies. You get that you pay for.


Thanks, for showing the same kind of careless attitude that allowes for this kind of service. If the wait time is 48 hours it should say “sorry were taking a few days to get back to you” not “we’ll be with you in 4 hours” - you’re either deluded or employed by these morons. Or both.


Nor deluded, nor employed, just realistic. Revolut can not be trusted as the only option. You must be crazy e.g. to travel just with Revolut card and without any cash.


I didn’t say I was travelling.

Your assumptions (and attitude) are boring. Bye.


100% agree with this idea


I just saw this.on twitter


Hopefully some of those are technical writers who can produce clear, well placed content so that many of the support calls can be avoided. If Revolut provided clearer, more honest information about how the services work, we would see fewer grizzles and less confusion in this forum, and presumably also on support. And God knows what their customer retention Vs churn stats look like.