High-yield Savings Vaults

It is good to see that high-yield savings vaults are coming to US accounts.

What would be great is if we could get access to high-yield USD savings accounts and US customers could get access to high-yield GBP savings accounts

Would also like to see 1% cashback everywhere like the US has. Perhaps Revolut USA could issue cards for it to be exempt from the interchange cap?

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I saw this today! Savings Vaults 1.35% UK we need this to be for all users including nonUk clients!


I hope the interest rate here will be at par with Chime, Ally, SoFi, etc. i.e. 1.60%

you can’t get accounts that easily outside of the U.K. considering U.K. banks aren’t part of the EEA anymore…

Passporting is dead so unless there are European banks offering such savings rates it’s unlikely to happen and if it does itMll only be for GBP savings