High hopes now losing the will to live!


After ridiculous problems getting started as the automatic thingy wouldn’t accept my address, I had very patient help from Richard in support. Then my card arrived really quickly (in France) so I was happy happy with that. Now trying to verify identity is a complete nightmare. Apart from the technical glitches, it won’t accept the photo of my passport page. I can take the same damn pic a zillion times and it will have the same resolution as it’s from my phone. It is what it is. But what it is is not accepted. Ready to give up and wonder how I get my money back, unless someone can unlock the secret of how to take an acceptable (to Revolut) pic of my passport page, obviously from my phone.


@phoebe I had trouble getting the phone to snap acceptable images aswell - the solution for me was to head outside in daylight - worked on first try.

Maybe this will help?


Thank you Swede. For this evening I’ve given up and taken to drink and shouting at my phone. I’ll try in the morning :slight_smile:


Poor little phone, it cant do much about the indoors photo capabilities unfortunately - turning to drinking sounds tempting i must say :yum: