High demand in Ireland?


After waiting three days to reach the top of the queue I am now getting this screen saying there is a high demand in Ireland and that I must wait. Any idea how long?? What’s the point of the queue if I still have to wait? Thanks in advance


Anybody any info? @AndreasK?


Hi there!

Thank you for contacting us.

Unfortunately, there’s a small waiting list due to high demand. As I can see your account is now fully active.

Enjoy Revolut :slight_smile:


Hi @AndreasK - I am also experiencing a similar problem. I am at the top of the waiting list. Not having much luck with Twitter support in getting an estimation as to when I can complete registration. Moving country later next week (and address is unconfirmed and will be bouncing around hotels for the first week or so) so would like to have the card before then.



Hi @AndreasK, thanks for the reply! Yeah I was activated a couple of days after reaching the top of the list. Everything seams great so far and my card is out for delivery! Only one problem, I have a constant notification on the app on my home screen and when I click in it is sitting on the “more” tab. There doesn’t appear to be anything causing it so I can’t clear it! Any ideas?


I too seem to have the same problem, guys whom I invited got the account even before me and it shows me the same screen even after being on top of the queue.

Revolut team please help here.