High BGN related FX rates



while I can see almost no markup on major currency pairs I see this is not the case for BGN. I checked a few transactions and in some I can see rates for USD/BGN as high as 0,75% which is close to the rates of some banks. For EUR/BGN I can spot rates as high as 0,22%. Not much but it is even higher compared to some Bulgarian banks. BGN is fixed to EUR so it is constant…never changes. I wonder if this is negligence in Revolut system and possibly be fixed so at least EUR/BGN has no mark up.

Anyway Revolut rocks! Love it


I’d join the question and add, if and when one will be able to hold BGN within Revolut as well.

Merci! :slight_smile:



Yes, why is that happening



Having a BGN account would be great!


So it doesn’t only happen in Africa: “Great” exchange rates: Revolut does not live up to its promises

Good to know.



I also believe that having a BGN account would be great! Do you plan adding it any time soon?


And again…I was charged about 1,4% on eur/bgn on Sunday transaction. eur/bgn is fixed and Bulgarian banks charge for this about 0,2%