Hiding a transaction

I have accidentally hidden a transaction I didn’t want to hide and I might need a confirmation of it, is there any way to get it back?


Hi! I have the same problem :<
Anyone know the answer?

Very good question - if there is a way I can’t find it😂

Yes. Simply log out of Revolut and then when you log in again all hidden transactions are back :slight_smile:


Thanks Doppjunat, it works!

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Hello @Doppjunat!

I use the HIDE feature, but I don’t understand why are the HIDDEN transactions will be UNHIDDEN again after the App reinstall.
In the mentioned case abave, I understand, but…
I spent a lot of time to hide my specific transactions one by one and I have to do it again from scratch every App update or App reinstall.
Is there any solution to SHOW/HIDE constantly?
THX in advance!

Any transactions that you’ve hidden will be unhidden if you log out and log in again. If you merely upgrade the app, there’s no change to the transactions you’ve hidden.

Another method I’ve discovered recently: if you go into Dashboard>Transactions >Show more, you get a chronological list of ALL transactions, hidden or not. You can then hide or Unhide each one individually by swiping to the Left. Without needing to log out/log in each time.

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Great Plan ‘B’ :stuck_out_tongue: