hide the clutter at the top of accounts page

95% of the time I go to the accounts page (for one of my accounts) it is to check the recent transactions. It’s really annoying that (even on the largest iPhone) the top 1/3 of the screen is cluttered with huge buttons (eg “add money”) , not to mention annoying messages (like “sign up your friends!” - the only messages I want like that are “scheduled maintenance”).

SUGGESTION: have a single button the very top of the screen which causes a “tray” to slide out on which all the various account-related buttons and features can be located. The button can even have the alarm-bell feature of changing colour if there are “messages to be read” - messages that are then visible when the tray slides out. So at the top of the screen there is nothing more than the Account Balance and this button, with transactions listed neatly underneath.



Thankyou to ‘r1234’ for this sensible suggestion of an improvement to the user interface. :+1:


in general all the basic information is completely unclear…and snowed in by
what it seems a nice hobby project for some it nerds then it is user friendly…
I have been struggling right from the start to activate my credit card and to find the most basic information concerning this…
Its 2020 it should not take days/hours to only start make use of a debitcard…


Absolutely! It should be much more minimal and easy to navigate. Every version is getting more cluttered and cramped of functions, it is slowly becoming an awful labyrinth of options :confused:
Secondary stuff as Rewards, friends and invitations should be hidden or in an independent leisure or perks oriented app. Also, why should be people with no kids have to see wasted space with the junior menu and people who hate Group bills have to see that option as well, etc, etc. We shouldn’t need to see all these secondary non-essential options we don’t use. I miss when the app was beautiful, easy to navigate and minimal!