Hide CVV on card for security, consequences ?

To prevent abuse I have scratched the CVV off my Revolut MasterCard,
but still left it on my new delivered Visa.

Are there any negative consequences if the CVV is not visible anymore ?

Since I dont use the card offline how about invalidating the signature for
example by clearly writing ‘online use only’ instead ?


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Hi @rol. If you use Revolut for online transactions only, why not set up a virtual card? That way you can just freeze your two physical cards from the app, rather than scratching numbers off them or writing a message on the signature strip.


I thought Revolut only issued Mastercards, BUT you mention a newly delivered visa card,
Do they do both?

Hey @Instramental1 :slight_smile:

Yes they do :wink:

Hi, Pleased to meet you,
Perhaps you can answer this question.

If I want to withdraw £500 and my A/c is in credit £500. What is the procedure?