Hide / Auto Remove Unused Currencies


I’ve just exchanged some money into Polish Zloty and will probably never use the currency again.

Is there any way to hide it from the homepage scroll?


If I remember well you can reset the currencies by logging out of Revolut and logging in again. But I may be wrong…


Nope. Thanks for the idea though.


Once you make an exchange into the currency this introduces it into the app. Unfortunately right now there is no way of removing it once its been added. However I will pass this feedback onto the team!


Thank you! It’s just taking up space up there. I could imagine going to a country once and then permanently having it there forever to be quite annoying. :slight_smile:


How to transfer between own wallets some remains
ie. I have few groszys(0.05PLN), few eurocents(0.12EUR) and i want to convert all to pennys(GBP)


Are you unable to do this in the Exchange tab?


hi I did, after top up but 1 penny to PLN was impossible


I have never even used zloty but it’s showing on the account in error. Please can you make it go away. Thanks


I do not use USD and GBP in my wallet, can i hide this currency?
How to make PLN as home base currency?


The initial 3 base currencies (GBP, USD and EUR) will all display in the app regardless. For all of the new ones, they will appear once you top up in the currency or exchange. Once it has been used essentially.


Sure but, can you not look into hiding the non base currencies if the wallet value is zero or if the value is zero AND the end user decides he/she wants to hide it?


Of course! Something I’ll pass onto the team. Thank you.