Hidden fee - CHF transfers?


I recently made my first CHF 300 transfer (net of fees from my bank - PostFinance CH), just to discover that only CHR 292 was credited to my Revolut account. Has anyone experienced something similar?


Yes, this is a known issue, transfers from Swiss banks may incur additional fees which may vary from bank to bank. This is due to the Swiss banks not Revolut. For Postfinance it usually amounts to 8CHF per transfer, UBS 5CHF, others may be more - depending on the type of transfer, amount transferred, intermediate banks, etc.

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Ok I seriously just spent a 5% (50 / 1000 CHF) top-up fee whilst topping up from my Swiss Postfinance account.

This is a fucking joke! Tell me a reason why I should use Revolut at all resp. use topping up via SEPA if the fees are five times higher than the credit card fees proclaimed by Revolut?!

Just gonna spend my money and bin the card. This is absolutely pointless unless it is possible to send to a Swiss IBAN.


Same here topped up 3500 in CHF from Postfinance with “shared cost” only to discover that I got only 3335 CHF in my account from Revolut…I am quite angry now…


Guys, please, if you don’t want to have bad surprises (well, too late now…), just read before doing something you don’t know…
It’s written how on many topics already.
Some exemples:

  • Forget Credit cards (1.84% fees)
  • Forget Debit card (we don’t have it anyway :slight_smile:
  • Postfinance there are some options depending the amount, read.
  • UBS the same, read.
  • Transferwise to send and transfer CHF --> EURO. fees depends on the amount (ex: ~0.36% for 3500CHF)


So I did some digging and the only reasonable explanation what‘s happened is that PostFinance converted my 1000 CHF into GBP and Revolut probably did the same back to CHF.
Guess i‘ll Have to live with that now and next time choose a different way of topping up, should I ever consider doing it again


Thanks but there is many things to observe. When I check again my payment I see that postfinance did not send CHF to UK but actually converted themselves to GBP and sent a (lower amount with a bad exchange rate)…then it’s not clear if “shared cost” or “our cost” should be used…Maybe postfinance has changed something in their system that they do not allow anymore to send CHF to UK but always to the conversion themselves… I my other bank Raiffeisen there is this option to send CHF abroad (although they tell you to send USD or destination currency.)…


Well, it’s a big mess and to have a perfect answer for everyone is not easy (impossible?). We all have different banks and fees, amount to transfer, etc…
I’ve read somewhere here a good exemple with Postfinance, i’ll try to find it.
Otherwise as i said, Transferwise could also be a choice. I’m not aware of everything, I had to learn on this forum too and to adapt to my needs.
Good luck for next time.


1.The cheapest way would be transfer via Western Union app. Using your credit card transferring to Revolut account. In GBP. Exchange Rate almost same as Revolut. Transfer fee 0.00. But unfortunately Revolut does not accept Western Union transfers?
2. TopUp using applepay. With SwissCard no fee in CHF. Does not work with Boon.


PostFinance will set the transfer currency depending on the country of recipient while you enter the data for the transfer; but you can change it manually to CHF before you send the order. If you go through the process too quickly, it’s easy to overlook the currency field. But transferring CHF to the UK definitely possible. As mentioned in these forums very frequently, a normal “Giro International” costs 2 CHF in PostFinance fees, and another 6 CHF is taken off on the way to the recipient. Someone mentioned this amout is higher for transfers over 10000 CHF, but haven’t tried that yet.


you surely made somthing wrong …

I sent with Postfinance CHF 600 with SWIFT/GB.Lloyds
and I got CHF 594 in my Revolut CHF account (- CHF 6) in October 17

I sent with Postfinance CHF 1200 with SWIFT/GB.Lloyds
and I got CHF 1194 in my Revolut CHF account ( -6) in January 18

lucci topped with PostFin. CHF 3000.- with SWIFT / GB. Lloyds
credited on Revolut was 2994 (- 6 CHF) / abt 12 feb 2018

As it is no fee-sceme available from Lloyds / Revolut
I will learn it by doing…

This CHF 6 goes surely to Lloyds and has to be accepted.
Don’t forget all the advatages you have,
when finally the money is at Revolut.
I have experienced Revolut for abt half a year and
I give Revolut a 5* rating !!!


Could you please explain more about this? I’m working in Switzerland but I’m living in Italy so my Revolut local account is for EUR currency and I’ve a CHF Revolut account but not local/personal…I would receive my monthly salary paid in CHF on my CHF revolut account, do you know how much could fees be? For example if my employer send me a bank transfer of 3000 CHF from his swiss business bank account to my revolut CHF account to “revolut LDT” giving my references number, how much fees could be applied and how many CHF should I receive on my revolut CHF account? Thanks in advance for your cooperation, FR


Ciao FraRedaelli
first of all sorry for delay - we were in Italy /Liguria at holiday…
second: I think no swiss employer will send your money direct to a foreign contry. Your money goes first to your local swiss bank account.
Then you have to send it to your Revolut (CHF) account.
Later you can change your CHF money at best REV-rates to your REV-EUR account.
third: for me, best swiss bank account is Postfinance-E.banking:
they take only 2 CHF for SWIFT transfers.
Then, as some customers here also confirmed, about 3000 CHF from CH-Bank to Revolut (Lloyds Bank) it costs another 6 CHF.
Totally 8 CHF is about about 0.27 % from 3000 CHF,
that’s not too much.
Especially when you consider, you can fix the time when you change your CHF to your EUR account. You can wait for a favorable FX-rate, so you can win more than you loose for the SWIFT-transfer.

May be in future, REV gets direct SWIFT access,
(with no hidden fees, I hope…)
Then you will pay only your CHF-Bank for the transfer
(Postfinance CHF 2.-- at the moment)

sorry I can give you no other way to do it,
may be other customers have other solutions.
B. R. siri


I also use PostFinance, but if only for sending money to Revolut, I’d recommend UBS, cause their SWIFT to Revolut are free when choosing “BEN” option. There are also other, free methods of transfering CHF to Revolut from a Swiss bank account, but there is a few more steps involved.

Details here (1st post in the thread):


I get my money in CHFs (Swiss Francs) and would like to use Revolut.

  • This means that I have to change my money first from CHFs to EURs, ie I loose money for the beginning, each time I use Revolut (as a bank).
  • Presently, my Revolut account does not make sense really. Right?
  • Why doesn’t Revolut offer CHF accounts similary to its EURs accounts?


There is Swiss IBAN and Swiss account in Revolut. You can then send directly CHF from your bank.


I can confirm that there are no fees with Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank - BLKB when you provide the following transaction information:

  • Select “Inlandsüberweisung” (national transaction)
  • Benificiary
  • IBAN (the one from Credit Suisse, Paradeplatz, Zurich not Lloyds in GB)
  • BIC (again Credit Suisse provided one)
  • Currency setting to CHF

If you do not see in the app and use the Credit Suisse provided IBAN/BIC you will be very likely charged a fee as the Credit Suisse is the Local and Lloyds the SWIFT method.


Revolut offers CHF accounts and you should never change the currency while transferring money from your account to Revolut.
If you don’t already see CHF as a currency in your Revolut app, just add it where you see whatever currency you already have. Then you see the details how to send money in CHF to your Revolut CHF account.