Hi, im new here - just upgraded to premium - no card?

I just upgraded to premium as I want the physical card, I did receive a mail saying that im a premium now, and my membership starts from today, but I haven’t got any confirmation about if the did sent the card or that they are gonna send it? Where can I trace and track that? (Am I just a premium member now, with no card?


Hey @mallenheimer :slight_smile:

You can order the card anytime from the Cards section of the app :wink:
If you already ordered one, you’ll find it there

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Are you aware that premium is not necessary to get a physical card?

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looks like you have selected one of the card colours that require premium membership. The blue Revolut Visa card is £5 (in the UK) and doesn’t require a premium membership.

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The answer i was searching for! Thanks maaaaan :slight_smile: