Hi i am trying to increase my top up


Hi can you tell me how to top up and how to increase my top up. Also how do i access live chat on here ? Thanks


Hey @indiamai1 :slight_smile:

You should be able to do so from the More tab of the app, clicking Profile and then Verification and limits.

Again from the More tab, click Support and type live agent :wink:


I have same issue - but when I go to More tab, Profile, Verification and limits, all I see is my current limit with no options visible to do anything else.


Hey @taxus55 :slight_smile:

You should be able to ask for it through the in-app support chat, manually attaching the required documents there :wink:


I can’t access the support chat as the last agent has not closed off the last thread - possibly because he escalated it to another “relevant team”. I have sent messages asking them to close the thread. Maybe they will not do this until the issue has been sorted. Which I can sort of understand, but it would be nice to know if that is indeed what is happening.

So I have no way of communicating via the in-app support chat. And, in any case, I understand from other users that the normal limit is £25k (which would be more than enough) but mine is fixed at £4k. I do not know why my limit is so much lower. It is all really frustrating.


Hey @taxus55 :slight_smile:

Your limit can be raised with usage, but you can try typing “Resolved” or contacting :r: through Twitter: