Hi all, I have a few questions I need answering please about weekend charges and exchanging money in app


So I noticed that the exchange rate offered was much worse on the Thai baht over the weekend whilst checking out the in app rates. After messaging revolut chat help they told me about the 1.5% charge and reason why. (sneaky though as states on website “get the real exchange rate” and seems to not be very easily available considering how prudent it is)

I was also told to exchange the currency on the app before the weekend to avoid these surcharges. My question is by doing this I will then have for instance 700 gbp and 300 thb showing in the app. Now if I were to withdraw from an atm on the weekend in Thailand would it automatically take it from the money I’ve exchanged into thb at the better rate or would it use the gbp money and give me the not so good rate.

Bit confused so any info would be great

Thanks Chris


Hey @Christofy79 :slight_smile:

Both the question about FX and the one you’re asking now are answered in the FAQs:

Please remember to always choose to be charged in the local currency when asked, rejecting any conversion offered from the merchant/ATM


Thanks jiliopp.

So am I right I saying that by converting for example £300 into Thai bhat on say Thursday I will secure that exchange rate for the weekend and I will not get 1.5% extra fee?



Yes, you’re right. :wink: