Hey! What Do You Like About Our Business Cards? πŸ€”

Hello everyone :wave:,

Today, we are not going to talk about us, we prefer to give you the mike :microphone:, to tell us what are those features you like the most about our business cards, and also about those you would like to add​:ear:

:bulb: Here are some ideas:

You can tell us; what is the actual design :art: that you like the most, and which one would you like to see in the future? :card_file_box:

:credit_card: Or what do you think about our virtual cards? Do you have one for every platform to control the recurring payments to Google Ads, Facebook Ads?

Do you have a good traceability of your card expenses :face_with_monocle:, or is there something that would make your life easier?

By the way, what do you use more frequently? Physical card, Apple Pay or Google Pay? Come on, we want to know it all like your annoying neighbour at the next door. :joy:

You can also share any ideas or suggestions below :arrow_heading_down:

We’ll be happy to read your feedback regarding our Business cards and evaluate any improvement to pass it on to our development team :bowing_man::star:

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