Here we go again...topped up; money never showed up and support is as talkative as a cemetery at night



Can somebody tell revolut to give me my money?

I topped up by 50€ wanted to withdraw about 30€ the next day…didnt work. Tried 15€ didnt work. Checked the app and realized my 50€ top was withdrawn from my other account, appears as a top up in the app BUT THE MONEY IS NOT AVAILABLE TO ME. Its just mystically gone.

Once more Revolut. Keep bragging on Twitter how great you are…I am having a whole different experience.

Best part. Support doesnt give a damn. Not answering to my query since 2 days.



That’s pretty strange! At the time of your €31.42 withdrawal, you had at least €38.62 on your account, so unless you’ve hidden some transactions in between, there is indeed a problem.

Just to be sure, I checked your message in English (“unzureichendes guthaben - bitte lade dein konto auf”), it translates to “insufficient credit - please top-up your account”, so definitely a problem with the balance, and not some security feature that got triggered.

Poke @AndreasK – could you take a look at the discrepancies in @DanS’ account?


Exactly. Im prepared to wait weeks if not months until I receive my funds including doing 2nd grade math calculations for the entire support team plus getting proof of payments with the hague apostilles to present it to this hip but totally inefficient giro bank.


Happened again. Topped up, spent under 2 € but as you can see the balance doesnt fit at all. WTF??? Im down 65€ by now…stopping to use this service, literally burning money


Apparently there is a problem with top-ups today. I tried to top-up and it didn’t work, but at least my amount shows in app as “pending” (and money is not withdrawn from my top-up card) not like yours which seems to be “executed”.

I tried to contact support, but app showed me this notice:


I opened the app today to a completely revamped interface. What is up with that?

I tried topping up but one of my top up options was missing. I had loaded both bank account and debit card details. The bank account details seem to be deleted.

I topped up with my debit card but it didn’t show. Transaction failed after 10 mins. Never happened before. I tried it again and it failed again. Apple Pay top up failed as well. Shows up as failed.