Hello. I changed my phone number, I can’t log in and use my card. I’ve contacted you on facebook but I didn’t get an answer. Can you help me please ?


Your Revolut card will still function the same without your smartphone. You can make ATM withdrawals and card payments, but you will not be able to check your balance or receive notifications on the go. You can top up your Revolut card via transfer - just make sure you know your reference number. Alternatively, contact the in-app support so we can change the mobile number on the account for you. Download the app on a new device, attempt to log in with your mobile number and then choose the option ‘I haven’t received a code’ to chat to support.


Yes I know, but I must put money on my account and for this, I have to log in.
I did what you said, but they told me to verify my account before.
THANK you for your help.


Then in the support chat in the App you can chat with someone to verify it


Good luck with that!

I had a similar issue yesterday. Absolutely no one even bothered to reply to my post. Don’t even waste your time here.


@dieppeman I don’t want to verify the new account because they will send me a new card, but I don’t need it, I do have a card :confused:
@CMelas Yes! No one to pick up the phone, no one to answer on Fb and no help on the app chat :confused:


Don’t verify it, just talk on the app chat…
May take a bit of time but someone will answer


Let me know if you need any help @yam! I can help :+1:


Thanks everyone ! I contacted Revolut on Tweeter so they answered me back on Fb and on the chat lol my problem is resolved ! Thank you :slight_smile: