HELP!! you cancel the cash withdrawing but it is charged anyway

URGENT!!! I have just withdrawn money from a cashier machine in UK. I cancelled the two first attempts (50 & 100 pounds) and I proceeded till the end in the third attempt (80 pounds).However, all of them were charged to my Revolut account, when only the last one was conducted. In addition the fee when you surpass the 200 pounds/month was applied in the last one, and it shouldn’t because the first two were cancelled.
What to do? I contacted the online service, but Rita (the virtual assisstent) told me that there is a 2h waiting period.

Usually, pending transactions for failed withdrawals are credited back after a while. Keep your receipts that show that the withdrawal was cancelled, if you got some. If money isn’t credited back, it’s good to have them when you need to raise a chargeback.

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Although I clicked the option for a receive, when I cancelled the operation it did not come out.

Keep an eye on the status. As long as it says “pending”, it could be credited back. And only if they change to “completed”, I would contact support.


in the worst case scenario you will have to ask the bank a paper that says that the transfers were cancelled.
In theory everything should get fixed by itself in a week (like it was for me).
I had the same problem once with an e-wallet account that had a debit card linked to it.

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Thanks. If anyone is in the same situation, in principle it would be fixed. Below my research results:
A pending transaction is a payment which has been authorised but is still waiting for the merchant’s confirmation or reversal. The merchant has 7 days to either claim or cancel the payment. It can take up to 10 days for e-commerce pre-authorisation or deposit payments such as hotel reservations and car rental deposits. Sometimes a declined transaction might appear as pending. The funds will be automatically returned to your available balance after 7 days in this case. Once they reverts, please contact Revolut about the fee applied

I saw that on April 18 you post your problem with revolut. Now I have the same issue. Finally you find a solution? I would like to tell me,please

@Antonis088, is there a small clock icon? (see screenshot below)
If so, the transaction is pending and might be revoked by the ATM company or :r: automatically.

OK. I send message to a live agent and I found solution. Thanks a lot for your reply :blush: