Help with unblock own card


Hi, I am in big trouble! I lost my Uk phone so I had to connect my app to Lao mobile. Ok . I spend 1 h yesterday with the app support the said the change my number from Uk to Lao ( +856…,)…,so I was very pleased what surprise when I go to try and put my number into the app it bloddy doesn’t exist Laos :laos: Country doesn’t allow me to have log into my account because the app doesn’t recognised the country even when the support team had confirm the number !!! Now I was so Angry I couldn’t believe so I phone the only number exist to phone revolut and it wasn’t a support number it was a number to blocked your card so now I am absolutely screwed, apparently my card is blocked !!! Incredible
Please if anyone can at least tell me if is possible to unblock the card!!! Because i am still traveling for 3 months before going back to UK

In Laos unblock card please!