Help-Revolut account blocked for security reasons -I am currently traveling


My account is blocked!! I need asap help by the mods . I am currently at a gas station waiting!!


You can reach support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: They’re online at the moment :slight_smile:


@fysis88 I have written a private message to assist you.


16 hours later , a message arrived from the app-in support…
I got several questions , like in court or police station!!! Where did you get the money? Why did you get the money? Who sent the money? Why did you try to withdraw them shortly after the deposit? BECAUSE I NEED THOSE MONEY!!
God help me with these guys…Revolut is getting very unpopular lately…hope everything goes ok…I am stuck at a town currently :frowning:


Problem solved 17hours later…oh god…


@larysa.stachowicz, can you help me? I’ve got the same problem with “security blocked account”. I top up by two real cards. Then try to use Revolut virtual card in PayPal. PayPal reject it, and when I try to get back my money from Revolut - I CAN’T. Support in app is unavailable. Really need your help…

edit: customer service team said that after unlocking the card after automatic blocked I must have to wait a few hours to be able to transfer funds to my bank account. So I wait. Tomorrow I’ll write here is it solve the problem.

It seems that if top up was done with a credit card then we have to wait until the funds are posted. After about 1-2 days I could have my money back to my account with no errors. I think that they should tell about it on the error message. Most importantly - they have returned my money.