HELP Required


My partner and I share an account. His card has been stolen and I have blocked it. How do we get new cards with new a new number. I am getting no response from chat other than a message to say they are very busy!


You can order a new card. Swipe left in the card’s section.


May I ask how you share an account? I thought only individual accounts (apart from business accounts) were available.


Well, it’s not actually a joint or shared account,the account is in my name, but you can have two cards for one account, which my partner uses.


Thanks for that. I have done it before but forgot how. I will give that a try.


Oh, OK. I assume the rules on this vary by country. In the UK it’s OK to do that to withdraw from an ATM, but not to buy goods or services.


Officially, Revolut’s T&Cs rule that out, indirectly. It’s not allowed to share the PIN of a card, if I remember this correctly.

And a merchant always can decline to accept a card when the name on the card is not the cardholder.

But in real life, this should not be a problem. I still would be careful, I don’t know what’s going to happen when one has to file a chargeback claim or when a „shared“ card is compromised.