Help problem with card

Hi everyone , I went to Italy and i used my card to pay the gate at the border. It was one week ago. Today I was checking my account and I saw that’s my card that I didn’t use at all was used to pay again the same gate. What does it mean please ?? Shall I cancel my card ?

I would freeze the card and contact customer support.
What sort of gate you talking about ?

Thanks Ares, that what I did. How I can contact the customer support ? At the border when you take the motorway

Type:live agent …
In support chat.
State ypur problem there and revolut guys will get back to you…
Give as much. details as you can :slight_smile:good luck

Hmm :thinking:
I can bet I’ve saw this issue posted before. Is about the highway tolls in Italy. I’ll look for a link maybe it helps.

I think they’re system charge twice but return after a while. Idk.

Sounds familiar to me now,red it aswell somewhere :smiley:

Yeah it’s like staying on the top of my hair. But can’t find it. Tried to search with many keywords but didn’t found I’d yet.

As I remember it was somewhere in northern Italy. :thinking: and I’m sure it was Italy and highway tolls.

[imagine italian hand GIF]