HELP PLEASE with French tax return

I have to file my French tax return TODAY.

I got a Revolut Mastercard in August 2016. Didn’t use it, but topped it up with small amount: 11 EUR.
I didn’t send my ID or photo, when asked to, earlier this year.
My question:: Is my account a BANK ACCOUNT?
If so, what is its IBAN?

I need this info for my tax return, because foreign bank accounts have to be declared.


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Have you activated your EUR account? If yes- this is your account.
IBAN yo can find in More-> Profile -> Account data -> EUR then tab “Local”

I am not Andreas, but maybe my answer will help you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply.
Last February, I received a message by e-mail:
“Let’s get your Revolut account set up now!”.

I didn’t do it, since I didn’t want to have to worry about one more bank account.
I only have the Mastercard card from August 2016.

Does that mean I DON’T HAVE a bank account?
If so, I would be very happy: I don’t to have to do more with my tax return.

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You have a bank account even if you did not activated the personal IBAN, therefore you need to declare it.

Selon une note parue au BOFiP-Impôts (le bulletin officiel des impôts), l’obligation de déclarer un compte détenu à l’étranger ne s’applique pas à condition de respecter les trois conditions cumulatives suivantes :

  • le compte permet de réaliser en ligne des paiements d’achats ou des encaissements en lien avec la vente de biens
  • ce compte de services de paiement suppose la détention d’un autre compte ouvert en France, auquel il est adossé
  • le total des sommes créditées sur ce compte résultant des ventes réalisées par son titulaire est inférieur ou égal à 10.000 euros par an.

Si ces trois critères ne sont pas remplis, la dispense d’obligation n’est pas applicable. Le détenteur doit alors s’acquitter des formalités déclaratives imposées par la loi.

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What do you see in here?

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@redi, thanks for your help.

When I click on:
Profile > Account details > EUR
I get a big red button: Activate account

I never clicked it, not to have one more unused account.
I never went any further.

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@mirron, thanks for your reply.
You write:
“You have a bank account even if you did not activated the personal IBAN,”

But the main element to declare a bank account is the account number.
Without IBAN, there is no account number.

Since I NEVER ACTIVATED THIS ACCOUNT, I don’t have any info about it.

so it means that you don’t have EUR account in Revolut :slight_smile:

What’s confusing: When I click
Profile > Account details
I see:
Active accounts
EUR - 11.00
GBP - 0.00
USD - 0.00

When I click on EUR, I get the big red button:
Activate account

So, on one page it lists EUR under “Active accounts”, and on the next it asks me to activate it!

these are pooled account, where Revolut is their owner (see description below the account number)

I don’t really known what are “pooled accounts”. On my screen, I don’t see any “description below the account number”. In fact, nowhere do I see an “account number”.

Do I understand you correctly that, as far as you know, I don’t own a Revolut bank account?

As far as “new banks” go, I am unpleasantly surprised at the complete lack of support.

I asked for “Live agent” an hour and a half ago, on my Revolut phone chat: no reply.
Seriously, these are money matters, and automated support is a joke.

polled means “shared”. This is one account for each currency, and you have to use referral number to have money properly assigned to your wallet. The owner of these accounts is Revolut.
You can find its details in “SWIFT” tab.

That exactly what I initially think, but you HAVE an account, even if you don’t have an IBAN number.

it depends on definition. It is not YOUR account. This is Revolut’s account.

@redi, @mirron,
I just got support from a human, on the app. redi is right.
"If you will not verify yourself, you are not able to use our service, therefore it should not be necessary to give the details of Revolut to the French tax declaration"

Hi everyone
I am also european, and thought I need to declare Revolut as a foreign bank account
but it seems Revolut (the company) is the owner of the IBAN we all have on our app
My children and wife have Revolut accounts, and all our IBAN numbers are identical (only the reference number for transfers changes for each individual)
so I suppose we are all part of a “pool” of people that get to use Revolut’s bank account … so no need to declare it to our local tax authorities
I would be glad to have confirmation or other details from someone at Revolut, as this is an important legal subjet for all Revolut’s clients
Best regards

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If you pay your taxes in France, you HAVE to declare your :r: accounts even if you don’t have personnal IBAN.

I would say theoretically you are correct, but if you look at the purpose of the rules, then no.
If you were correct - then I could put 100 mio into a revolut account and say to the tax authorities “I don’t have an account with 100 mio on, so that is not part of my tax” - I have a usage right to 100 mio that is on an account owned by Revolut

(if I understand the explanation, that has been giving so far, correctly)

This is the scary bit which means if Revolut is poorly managed and for some reason makes some silly choices and goes bankrupt, then the money vanished into thin air, because it is a pooled account owned by Revolut

My understanding (this is my interpretation, by no way am I offering legal advice here) is that each individual with fiscal residence in France must declare the accounts thay they own outside of France. It is my interpretation that only accounts with a personal IBAN ( including the EUR account whose IBAN starts with GB) must be declared. Pooled accounts must not be declared because you do not own these accounts, Revolut owns the account and gives you the right to some of the money on this pooled account. If you can afford to pay 10€/month, you may want to switch to Ditto because you can get currencies all with FR IBAN therefore nothing to declare. Note that even if you close the account during the year you still must declare your accounts outside of France the following year.