Help please, cannot sign into app


Hi there Revolut Community,

I’m currently traveling, so this is all the more annoying. I wanted to make a payment with my card today and noticed that my cards were both blocked, showing that I need to activate them (I’ve been using Revolut for more than one year and was fully activated).
I had last used the card last week, I think.

I was told to update the app by support. Since that didn’t help, I though I’d simply reinstall it, but this didn’t work either, in fact, now I’m locked out entirely and cannot even contact support.

Since I can’t get into the app, I can’t get in touch with support. On the website, the only alternative form of contact is a postal address: so what’s the fastest way to solve this?


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You could write them on Twitter or wie try get @AndreasK to Help. This seems to be an annoying thing.

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We are sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have responded and resolved your query. If you need anything else, please let us know!

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Hi Andreas K,
I was in contact with Aleksander from Support (via the “Changed your phone number?” function).
It appears that my phone is no longer supported, something that is particularly annoying given that I am traveling in Bolivia and have no other device with me (except a computer). So he suggested using a another phone (presumably one from a complete stranger - not a very secure suggestion I might add) to log in - this I will not do.
So I expressed my wish to close the account to get to my funds, but in an ultimate catch 22, I cannot close my account if I cannot log in! So now I am left with writing a request for termination by registered snail mail to London, because I’m not buying a new phone while traveling through South America.
I understand the need for security and stopping support for older phones, but you cannot do that in the middle of peoples travel (and remember, Revoluter’s don’t just go on vacation for a few weeks but may need a few months notice).

Any other tips how I can at least get my money out?


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You can try to use an android emulator on a computer. Also, your card should work without being able to log in. So cash withdrawals should work?



Hey, the emulator is actually a helpful suggestion! Is there any particular one that works with Revolut on Windows 10?
I’m not terribly fussed about the card - I have access to other funds via another route, but obviously these aren’t infinite, so eventually I need my money out of the Revolut Account.



I personally don’t know, but you can search this forum for it. You can get in touch with people who actually use them. Since your phone isn’t broken and you still have access to text messages sent to your phone, you should be able to do it that way.



@open_jaw : Please write what phone model and OS version on it do you have. I want to know what Revolut considers “old”. :woozy_face:




At the moment, our app is available for Apple Watches, iPhones or iPads with iOS 9 or newer, and phones with Android 4.4 or newer. Your phone must have a minimum screen size of 3.5 inches.



I can see you are using Android 4.4.2, is that correct?



Hi there, yes, I’m on Android 4.4.2, the phone is a Huawei H60-L02, purchased about 2.5 years ago. It worked fine till Monday.

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Don’t get me wrong. I wish I could help you. I bought a Nokia 3.1 before going on holidays abroad just in case my Pixel gets broken. That is a preffered Android One phone for about 160€. It is Android 8.

It seems rather paradox to try modern financial services using outdated hard or software.

See that: Android Emulator

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Hi guys,
thanks for all the help!
It looks like BlueStacks works indeed (random crashes though every now and then).
@Laurenz_L As for a new phone, I figured that since chances are quite high that I’ll be robbed (I’m in Bolivia), I postponed buying a new phone. And then, must I really buy a new one every two years?
@AndreasK so according to @Frank (above) the FAQs say that my phone should actually be supported since it is newer than 4.4. ? I mean, it worked fine until Sunday/Monday…



No. It would help to start with an OS which is up to date.
October 31, 2013 <— KitKat release date. You bought an outdated OS 2,5 years ago.
Make sure your new one is 8.0.



The way phone industry currently works they basically is forcing to buy you new phones more often than you want/should by dropping updating software or not giving you option to easily swap aging battery. Or even worse - applying bad updates which slow down phone etc. Eh. Capitalists…



Hey, I guess I’m a capitalist myself for being so stingy on buying new phones :wink:
That said, I will make sure to buy something more up to date next time around. Meanwhile I guess it is good to know that my funds aren’t totally locked in and they are looking into the thing with Android 4.4.2 (which should work, after all)…



This is off topic but:
Indeed it is nasty and with Android the variety and licensing is a problem. Google phones are preffered of course, flagships from other brands follow and then you get cheaper phones with lousy parts.
Apple sells you a phone with hardware worth only a little of the actual price – but with excellent marketing. There’s an adapter for everything.

I recommend the Nokia because Android One is preffered at updating and it’s very affordable. :slight_smile: My 3.1 has dual SIM as well.

Developing for Android versions that old is just not cost efficient and time consuming.

edit: to be honest, I didn’t instal :r: on it yet.



Hi I’v been using revolut for few months now. Yesterday I couldn’t open the app as there was a issue so reinstalled it. I’ve moved to Egypt and put a Egypt SIM in my phone so when I went to change number it would not support Egypt start code. I then tried the chat but couldn’t send any messages so j can’t login it to my app I’ve joined the community to see if anyone could help? Please PM me if there’s anything I could do



Hi Andreask I just signed up yesterday on my iPhone X but won’t let me get past the passcode page



Hi AndreasK,
I cant acces my account since 3 Weeks ! Im now really in need of that money, i need to pay my bills!!! Youre not anwering me in the Chat since 2 Weeks . What kind of service is this?

Please help me out and get with me in touch via APP