Help needed


I’m in Florida on vacation & wanted to transfer some $ on my card to my US bank a/c but my home screen isn’t working & it’s not my iPhone,I can’t get past a screen asking me for 6 digit number supposedly sent to my phone which never arrives.
I can’t even get assistance on app. as can’t get back to that page. I’m trying this way for help, urgently


Hello @wyonne7 :slight_smile:

The 6 digit code is sent to the phone number you originally signed up with :mailbox_with_mail::telephone_receiver:

However, if you’re unable to get the code, you can click Forgot? when you’re asked for your PIN and then click Support

Type live agent when you meet RITA :robot::slight_smile:

If you still face problems, consider using Twitter:


Hello Julio,
Thank you for your helpful email, I did get onto support but alas after roughly 5 hours & 4 different chats I am no further on, still unable to access my a/c.
I honestly think it’s something at Revolut’s end, horrendous situation as I’m in US until April, I think I will write to them in London enclosing all the screen shots I took & was asked to take by agents to see if someone will listen & check at their end.

Again many thanks

Yvonne Hunter


Hey there @wyonne7 :slight_smile:

Unfortunately getting out of the app will cause the chat to end :frowning:
Consider heading to Twitter to get :r: to help you :slight_smile: