Help my bank transfers are stuck !


My bank transfers are not getting through to my revolut account.
can anybody help me. I have been waiting over a week now. I have tried
the online chat app. One of the support guys referred me to the verfication
team but I have been waiting for 2 days without getting any reply. I think
its a common problem a lot of people are having and is probably easy to fix,
but there are no clear guides on how to fix the problem.

I need to “verify the source of funds” to my bank account. Normally you would
just provide a P60 and bank statements, but in my case my brother is sending
the funds out of his savings account. What documentation should I send in my case.
The FAQ doesn’t have any information that covers this situation. My brother is
sending the money from a Lloyds Bank in the UK not some Swiss bank account.
I mean come on most customers are not criminals or money launderers stop treating
us like we are !!!