[HELP] My account got suspended indefinitely and I am not sure why

Hi Revolut (Andreas, Larysa and Oleksii),

I need your help (please) to understand what I did wrong for my account to be suspended indefinitely. I am not starting from the position that this is unfair and I just don’t understand what I did wrong. I would like collaborate to work together to happily solve the misunderstanding or error I eventually did.

I got suspended according to the sections 19.1 of your General Terms of Service and 17.1 of your Business Terms of Service; I read them twice but I am still not sure what I did. In my humble opinion I did not violate any of your rules.

I really like Revolut, I have a high evaluation of the product and the team; hence I am really sad to see my my company suspended. I took more than 3 months of intense research to find you… I need a bank that do not charge FX fees and that makes home banking so easy.

Can you please let me know what I did? To my point of view I was just collecting the money (share capital) to launch my Map poster company at the end of Apr (hopefully). Now my funds were sent back (not sure where) and I might have even lost 1.3K EUR as it was sent back to kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/656771492/19map-the-fully-customazible-map-print/) after hardly rising some money to support my business.

The only thing I can think of is some money (again share capital) that I took from my GDAX (crypto exchange). Is that one the problem? If yes, I apologize but I didn’t see that as any breach of the term and condition. Also you offer crypto services yourself; so it would be really strange if you are against GDAX.

If I did something wrong, I will take full responsibility of that; but it would be great to be forgiven by Revolut and to get a second chance to enable my company to successfully launch in apx a month. At this point it’s really stressful and hard for me to look for an alternatives.

Please (assuming that I did wrong), I am kindly asking you to give me a second shot; if I am not wrong please reactivate my account asap as I need it to launch. Try to put yourself in my shoes. I have been working non stop on this project for more than 1.5 years and now is blocked by you guys and I am not even sure why.

I am more than happy to jump on a call and answer all your questions. I also assume you need more info to understand which one is my account. Please private message me as the email I’m using for this account is a new one as my business email got suspended indefinitely by you (hence couldn’t log in w/ that one)

Please help me @AndreasK @larysa.stachowicz.

thanks ,

A feedback (for me and other future clients); I warmly suggest you to reach out to customers before taking similar disruptive actions. Those cause to your customers a lot of problems. Give a heads up explaining exactly what is the violation rather than a generic automated email and just suspending the account is really a big improvement in customer satisfaction. Cherry on the cake is to have a quick chat on the phone to clarify what is the problem and perhaps fix it during the convo. Last, I understand you have automated classifiers that scan the accounts for ‘illicit’ activities but those bots are far from being always right. Hence, you guys should probably queue your bot flagged accounts in a bin that is then reviewed by humans before taking such intense actions. I am just trying to help you to improve your operations and customer service here; hope you appreciate it!


Hi @Jul_Giulianelli

Our relevant team will update you via email. Thank you for your feedback.

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