help me please!!


Hi there, I recently lost my phone & my revolut card wont work. I got an email telling me i was being refunded money on to it from my landlord & I’m unable to check without a phone. Does anyone have any idea what I can do since I can’t access my app? Doesnt anyone know if there is anyway I can talk to someone to find out my account balance or what is going on with my card? Can I download the app on to someone elses phone or do it via email?


Hi! You can reach Revolut support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) :slight_smile: You could also log in using your number on another phone, though it will ask you for a code which you’ll get via SMS.


Hey @gemmawashere :slight_smile:

Although it’s generally not recommended, you can also check your balance in ATMs (i found this to be not so reliable) :wink:


Hi @gemmawashere ,

Please shoot me a DM so that I can help you access your account!